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Tina Genslinger, a resident of Wyanet for 28 years, has always been well known for her extreme level of independence in taking care of all her own matters, whether it be previously as a single mother or now as a grandmother working multiple jobs to make ends meet and be able to provide for her family and now do things with her granddaughter – soon to be two granddaughters.


This year has been a true battle.  Diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer in February 2019, the vortex of doctor appointments and weekly chemo in Peru began on March 13 and continued until her final treatment on July 22nd.  Although she fought her way through some tough times, consequences of chemo treatments, in her true warrior style she kept pushing forward and came through better than anyone imagined.  The next phase of attack was to have a double mastectomy at Methodist in Peoria in August to reduce her chances of reoccurrence – earlier testing found she is Triple Negative, which greatly increases the likelihood for future reoccurrence.  Although it wasn’t necessary at this time, Tina pushed to have the double instead of single mastectomy because she was taking this head on and doing her best to eliminate any shot the disease has of coming back. This surgery is going to mean another 6 weeks ordered off work.  A final radiation plan was just established involving 6 weeks of daily treatments (5 days per week), meaning more time off work and more travel expenses.  But she is determined to do what she has to do to put this all behind her and never look back.


Needless to say, the expenses that have mounted up, the negative impact to income because of all the appointments and treatments and now an extended time ordered off – all of these things have combined to make for a nasty situation that would be difficult for a working family to absorb, let alone  the sole provider for a household.


A group has formed to bring the community together to hold a benefit for Tina at Rediger’s Auction Shed in Wyanet on October 19th, 2019.  


This fighter never got out of the ring, and she never gives up.  Won’t you join our community in helping her get back up on her feet and NEVER LOOK BACK?!