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Depue Fire

On Tuesday May 14, 2019, Bureau County Sheriff James Reed advised that deputies responded to a structure fire in Lakeview Estates, Depue, IL, to assist with traffic control.   Responding to the scene was 10-33 ambulance, Peru ambulance, Depue Fire, Bureau Fire, Spring Valley Fire, Dalzell Fire, Ladd Fire, and Princeton Fire, and Depue Police.


 Two adults and four children were in the residence at the time of the fire.  Upon arrival all six occupants were out of the residence. All occupants were transported to St. Margaret’s Hospital in Spring Valley for medical evaluation.  A 4 year old child was later transported to a Chicago, IL pediatric burn unit.


 Medical status of all occupants remains unknown.  The fire is currently under investigation by the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Office.  Any further questions should be directed to their office or the Depue Fire Department.