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Scott's Law Update

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association announced a statewide Officer Safety and Scott’s Law Safety Initiative in early April. This traffic detail was to be highlighted from 4/12/19-4/19/19. Many Sheriff’s offices from around the State had already acted prior to the initiation of this announcement due to the importance and clear need to enhance our traffic enforcement activities.


Scott’s Law is (625 ILCS 5/11-907) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 11-907) (c) Upon approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle, when the authorized emergency vehicle is giving a signal by displaying alternately flashing red, red and white, blue, or red and blue lights or amber or yellow warning lights, a person who drives an approaching vehicle shall:


(1) proceeding with due caution, yield the right-of-way by making a lane change into a lane not adjacent to that of the authorized emergency vehicle, if possible with due regard to safety and traffic conditions, if on a highway having at least 4 lanes with not less than 2 lanes proceeding in the same direction as the approaching vehicle; or


(2) proceeding with due caution, reduce the speed of the vehicle, maintaining a safe speed for road conditions, if changing lanes would be impossible or unsafe. Sheriff’s Offices from across the State participated in this effort. As of the time of issuing the release the ISA has reports from 35 different offices.


The ISA has received activity reports from 36 counties at the time of this release. Sheriff Deputies issued 441 Scott’s Law violations, 827 speeding, 289 electronic devices, 84 seatbelt, 10 felony arrests, 87 suspended/revoked/no valid, 13 DUI, 14 drugs, 31 warrants, 3 stolen cars, and 425 other violations. A total of 1864 citations and 866 warnings were issued.

While this month was a focal point of many law enforcement agencies, this will continue to be at the forefront of our efforts. The accidents, injuries and deaths that have occurred as a result of these violations are avoidable. We will do our part in keeping the roads safe. We ask that all of you do as well.


The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association was founded in 1928. The ISA provides essential training and development for Sheriffs and their support teams. We also create, encourage and support various civic and youth-oriented programs. Through community outreach and the monetary support of its various memberships, the ISA continues to strengthen several important initiatives for our youth. The ISA is also a tremendous advocate for reasonable legislation regarding criminal justice to ensure the safety of the community and the officers that serve them.


Keeping lives safe and the well-being of our children are two of the most important investments we can make. Our sincere thanks for the commitment of our men and women in uniform along with the loyal support of citizens and businesses throughout Illinois. Together, we are making a difference!


Move Over, Slow Down and put down the phone. Help us all save lives.